Our goal is to be your Realtors for Life

Becky Ruark

I was born in Seattle, spent 4 years in the great state of Texas, then my family landed in Spokane. My alma maters are Freeman High School and the University of WA.  I’ve been in small business and entrepreneurial work my entire adult life; from medical office software sales & networking, to custom electrical signage, and many many years of real estate investment and home flipping.  I didn’t care for Realtors particularly (due to experience) so, when I decided to become one, I promised myself I would be different and better at it with a goal to earn my clients loyalty and trust.


Jason Farrow

I am Eastern Washington born & raised and cannot imagine living anywhere else. I am a local graduate of Mead high school and WSU, both of which have provided lifelong connections which I greatly value in my work and personal life.  After working 25 years in my family business, the local Allied Van Lines agency,  I made the change over to real estate and joined my wife Becky Ruark to form (what I consider) one of the most dynamic teams in the area. It is my personal goal to make sure life is fun for everyone along the way.

We found each other by chance in 2012 via a Craigslist ad and, no it wasn’t the personals! Jason was selling snow skis that Becky did not end up buying. Putting a Realtor and a Professional Mover together seemed like a great idea, though. Our passion for family, play, and work has resulted in a successful team who is ready to make your dreams come true, too.


Ski-enthusiast? We know a few good spots!


Cougs AND Huskies are in good company here! We're a house divided.

What we can provide to you!

Directions to passive or aggressive recreation outlets!

Navigating trials & tribulations of the move and beyond.

Homeowner investment/equity building advice and planning (for real people).

Secrets of the Inland NW!

Rural property & small acreage management and guidance.

Why you should consider talking to us first:

We have been residents of the Inland NW for nearly 50 years.  Together we offer specialties in areas such as rural properties, relocation & moving, and navigating and negotiating sales for estate properties, just to name a few.  For us, real estate doesn’t stop at sales.  Our intent includes helping our clients attain their long term real estate goals.